5 Mistakes Your Advisor Makes

It’s no surprise that crashing oil prices are impacting the Houston economy and it is beginning to take its toll on people just like you. If you have recently been laid off, retired or have transitioned to another job, you have quite a few financial decisions that you need to make. And you are not […]

10 Planning Rules that Drive Financial Success

Are You A “Basement” Thinker? Too often, we tend to focus on individual stocks and other investments that will hopefully lead to wealth.  While that is O.K., it isn’t enough. The issue is investing without a sound “plan” is the same as building a house without a “blueprint.” Yes, you will get something, but it […]

Why Dave Ramsey Is Wrong

“Why Dave Ramsey Is Wrong” Financial Guru, particularly Dave Ramsey, have consistently warned their listeners to ONLY “Buy Term Life Insurance,” even going as far as to suggest all other types of insurance is a scam. But Is That Really The Case? Of course, not. As with all things, particularly in the financial world, there […]

10 Questions To Ask Your Advisor

Are you getting close to OR have retired? Recently had a job change? Experienced a layoff? Had an unexpected life event that has changed plans? Those issues alone are enough to overwhelm most individuals, but combine that with: A Weak Economic Environment A Change In The Presidency Extremely Overvalued and Extended Markets Surging Debt Levels […]

Annuities: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Are you getting ready: To retire? Have retired? Or have recently lost or changed your job? If so, you have probably been solicited to buy an annuity or some other type of “insurance product” that promises great returns with “no risk” to your principal. If so, STOP!. This presentation covers the benefits of annuities and insurance […]