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After 18-years on radio, the show has gone “digital” bringing you the financial and investing information you need to manage your money. Finally, news that makes sense. Lance digs into the raw data to bring a unique perspective to the conversation. His deep understanding of economics, markets and how investing really works helps listeners their goals. Tune in now and start your path to investing success.

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Technically Speaking Tuesday (4/20/21)
SEG-1: Tesla Crash & Taking Profits SEG-2: Is B of A Right About a Market Drop? SEG-3: The Nature of Averages & Fibonacci Sequences SEG-4: When Markets are "Priced for Pe(...)
Death of the Bull Market Episode (4/19/21)
SEG-1: How Long Can Market Exuberance Last? SEG-2: Soaring Sentiment: Debt not the Cure--it's the Cause SEG-3: Deli's, Dogecoin, & Companies w No Profits SEG-4: Exuberan(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (4/16/21)
SEG-1: Market Commentary: Where Does All the Liquidity Go? SEG-2: Cryptocurrency is Here to Stay; Being All-In? SEG-3: Being Aware of Financial Vulnerability SEG-4: Pla(...)
Inflation's Relation to Your Retirement Episode (4/15/21)
SEG-1: Retirement: Qualitative vs Quantitative SEG-2: Dealing with Inflation in Retirement SEG-3: Jerome Powell: Sell vs Taper? SEG-4: Target Date Funds; Crypto currenc(...)
Optimism vs Reality Episode | The Real Investment Show (4/14/21)
SEG-1: What's Driving Inflation vs. Deflationary Pressure SEG-2: Coinbase IPO & The Race to the Bottom SEG-3: NFIB Report Review: Economic Exuberance vs Reality SEG-4(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (4/13/21)
SEG-1: Are We Really Growing that Much? SEG-2: When the Fed Tries to Taper SEG-3: A History of Earnings & Millennial Soccer SEG-4: The Fed Depends Upon You Not Being Cr(...)
Inflection Point Episode (4/12/21)
SEG-1: Stimmie Checks--then, what?? SEG-2: Jerome Powell & The Missing Jobs SEG-3: Expectations for Economic Growth vs Reality SEG-4: There's No Benefit to 'Beating the(...)
Financial Fitness Friday (4/9/21)
SEG-1: Coffee Infrastructure, Chucky-Cheese Birthdays, & Post-Pandemic SEG-2: Looking at Retirement Through a Different Lense SEG-3: Working at Buc-cee's; Why Dave Ramse(...)
The Inflation Episode (4/8/21)
SEG-1: Raising Taxes to Pay for Spending...Riiight SEG-2: The Indirect Bailout of Banks SEG-3: Inflation: Making the Complex Simple SEG-4: Earnings Growth Estimates vs R(...)
Corporate Tax Hike Episode | The Real Investment Show (4/7/21)
SEG-1: The Two Ways to Remedy Over-Valuation SEG-2: Corprate Tax Myths SEG-3: Higher Market Valuations Lead to Lower Earnings SEG-4: Debt is a Cancer on Economic Growth(...)