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After 18-years on radio, the show has gone “digital” bringing you the financial and investing information you need to manage your money. Finally, news that makes sense. Lance digs into the raw data to bring a unique perspective to the conversation. His deep understanding of economics, markets and how investing really works helps listeners their goals. Tune in now and start your path to investing success.

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Financial Fitness Friday (1/17/20)
HSA's SS Cola, and how much of a savings cushion you should have stashed away: Richard Rosso, CFP/Director of Financial Planning w Danny Ratliff, CFP
What's Next w China Trade? (1/16/20)
NFL Centennial, Baseball Cheating, and China Trade talk with Michael Lebowitz, CFA; Nancy Pelosi's Impeachment Pens, China, Iran, and Energy; Ocean City vs New Jersey; th(...)
Signing Day for China Trade (1/15/20)
China Trade and the problem with economic data; Divorce by Swordfight; Black Rock's Climate Change/Sustainability agenda: Why 'fad' investments do not fare well; market p(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/14/20)
Market Analysis and Commentary from RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts
Iran, The Fed, & Impeachment (1/13/20)
A Monday morning antidote for heartbroken Texans fans, with Market Analysis and Commentary by RIA ADvisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts
Financial Fitness Friday 1/10/20
Sooner or later? When should you collect on your Social Security benefits? RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP w Danny Ratliff, CFP, with easy(...)
Escape from Japan & Liquidity Traps (1/9/20)
Carlos Ghosn's Escape from Japan; Iran: The story that keeps on giving; the Fed's Liquidity Trap; the market is not the economy; The Iran Saga: Toothless Sanctions? China(...)
The Empire Strikes Back...sort of (1/8/20)
Market and international response to Iran's overnight retaliatory missile strikes (yawn); Market risks to further action; confidence slightly weaker; January is Divorce M(...)
Technically Speaking Tuesday (1/7/20)
Trump's Impeachment vs Iran: Is it "Wag the Dog" all over again? Tesla's exploding cars; Borden's Bankruptcy; the Stock Market is not the Economy; Park City, Utah & US He(...)
Back to Reality, Iran, & Market Outlook (1/6/20)
Market analysis and commentary by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts