10 Planning Rules that Drive Financial Success

Are You A “Basement” Thinker? Too often, we tend to focus on individual stocks and other investments that will hopefully lead to wealth.  While that is O.K., it isn’t enough. The issue is investing without a sound “plan” is the same as building a house without a “blueprint.” Yes, you will get something, but it […]

The 5 Myths of Diversification

Warning: You’ve Been Sold A Bill Of Goods They tell us that diversification is a ‘free lunch…’ a way to effectively manage risk. But is it? NO! Diversification is just a pacifier for your concerns. Diversification is just an all-day sucker to provide a false sense of comfort. Do you know how the financial industry’s definition […]

5 Strategies For A Successful Retirement

Are you getting close to OR have retired? Recently had a job change? Experienced a layoff? Had an unexpected life event that has changed plans? Those issues alone are enough to overwhelm most individuals, but combine that with: A Weak Economic Environment A Change In The Presidency Extremely Overvalued and Extended Markets Surging Debt Levels […]