Vision Prism All

The Vision Prism is our promise and is followed by all members of the firm. Your entire team (both partners & employees) must commit to it. The client is the center of the prism. The deliverables will be outlined on RIA Advisors letterhead, signed by all team members, and subsequently sent to the client. The Vision Prism is RIA Advisors’ Promise for everyone to see, our unwavering commitment. If you can’t commit, you can’t be part of the team. Simple. That’s how it works. Here are the rules.

“Bullish” and “bearish” do not exist in our vocabulary. Market forces are assessed regularly to detect turning points. Remaining objective and data driven prevents us from buying into “stories,” or media hype about market and economic cycles. We allow the data in addition to academic analysis and a study of history drive our thinking and direction. Our higher-level focus promotes a clearness of thought for you and for us. The more we know the more you know. And it’s explained in a manner you will understand. We’re not here to talk “over your head.”
Service is a key deliverable for every partner and employee of RIA Advisors. Clients must receive return calls the same day. Every client receives and understands a clear communication and service plan. Our goal is to make sure we are responsive to your concerns and inquiries. We also do our best to minimize your use of voicemail. We make every effort to make sure you speak with an actual person when you call us.
RIA Advisors Philosophy is designed to flow through to the younger, less experienced loved ones in your family. Have you taught your children how to handle money? Where do you start? We can help jumpstart the conversation.
It’s our passion and commitment to meet with clients face-to-face on a regular schedule. In the beginning as we partner through behavioral and planning exercises, it’s our intention to meet more often. We invite changes or enhancements to our schedule on a client-by-client basis.
We do not work on commission. We are not brokers. Every action we take is for your greater good as we take our responsibilities as fiduciaries, seriously. Fiduciaries are held to higher standards. We are not here to “sell,” you products. Our role as fiduciary requires us to handle every financial decision with the utmost of care. Collaboration with outside experts.We will coordinate efforts with the other professionals you employ. It’s important to incorporate your tax and estate planners when decisions are made. If you require tax and estate assistance, RIA Advisors team members may recommend professionals for your approval. We do not collect compensation from these referrals as it would represent a conflict of interest.Educational empowerment from receptionist to planner, RIA Advisors flows throughout the process.As your board members, we foster an inviting process so you are receptive to discuss important financial topics with us as they occur. Every question is a good question as we have a mission to educate our clients as much as they choose to be. Whether it’s through e-mail, in person, over the phone, by text, our dedication is to be responsive and clear so when financial concerns arise in your life, you’re willing and open to discuss them with us.RIA Advisors actively employs the latest technology for risk assessment, the financial planning process and monitoring of client accounts. Technology is a passion at RIA Advisors. We stay abreast of and utilize cutting-edge applications. We also provide many of these technological benefits to our clients so they may be empowered to work with us together on the planning process. You’ve worked hard to create wealth; we strive to be your personal “financial board of directors,” with you as decision maker. No matter what level of involvement you require, RIA Advisors provides web-based technology to make it easier for you to stay on top of your financial situation. Our responsibility is to make sure you progress along your personal, financial life path.
Through this market cycle investments can no longer be classified as “buy and hold.” We employ fundamental and technical analysis to form a customized portfolio just for your situation. We respect your preferences, your point-of-view and possess a vast knowledge of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, master limited partnerships, alternative investments and managed accounts. We are proud of our open architecture exclusively designed to integrate as a holistic portfolio view.
At RIA Advisors, we partner with you to create individualized money goal benchmarks. Through this market period, striving to exceed the returns of a stock market index just for the sake of beating it doesn’t make much sense, especially for the risk you may require to accomplish this task. It’s about the discovery of investment returns you require to meet a milestone in life, like education for a loved one or retirement. From there, our team will provide a portfolio allocation and action plan to help you meet those goals with progress reports along the way, so you know where you stand. A customized, dedicated success path is a commitment to you.RIA Advisors was formed in dedication to an overall personalized experience for our client families. For example, the cookie-cutter “risk-tolerance questionnaires,” still used by a majority of brokerage firms are worthless yet it appears they’re here to stay, regardless of what’s best for you. Many large financial companies think about compliance and cost first. Then they apply what’s right for you. It’s our commitment to determine what makes you “tick,” interpret your “Risk DNA,” as we work together through uncertain economic times. Our aim is to help you gain greater knowledge of your inner willingness to take on or avoid risky situations regardless of the stock market environment; we hope behavioral analysis makes future financial decisions less stressful for you. We employ a series of enlightening behavioral exercises to help you achieve a greater awareness of your overall relationship with money. These associations, perceptions, begin early and help determine the future direction we should take to create a portfolio which fits the life objectives you’re seeking to achieve.